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I came to a carnivore way of eating in March 2018 after a very rocky path of seeking health but instead digging myself into a hole of autoimmune (Grave’s disease), metabolic dysfunction, and amenorrhea following years of raw veganism. Project Health Recovery started with an ancestral approach to nutrition and lifestyle, with a passion for connecting to the food system, our environment, regenerative practices and going from remission to flourishing. I know what it feels like to start from rock bottom, and the non-linear stages of progress we can go through, including the emotional and mental obstacles we can experience. The carnivore WOE has been an incredible tool for my own path, and I am passionate about sharing the possibilities for others.

I have a bachelor degree in Global Nutrition and Health, with a specialisation in Lifestyle and Health Education. I am currently completing a masters in Communication, Health and Life Sciences. Academically, my studies have been multidisciplinary which has trained me to be able to appreciate complexity and the value in taking a systems perspective.

I take a holistic and non-dogmatic approach to carnivore and animal-based nutrition, working with the mind and body, psychology and pysiology, to get to where you want to be. So whatever your starting point, I’ll meet you exactly where you are and create a system of health that works for you and your lifestyle, needs and goals.

I especially love working with women in a way that aligns our nutrition and lifestyle with our natural rhythms, cycles and hormones.

Whether you are struggling with your health and looking to heal, or are stable but looking to level up, I would love to support on you on your own journey.

I wish for everyone to be able to own their health, find their unique and dynamic sweet spot, and gain emotional agility and inner resilience to be able to shine with the vitality that is our birthright!

By learning to work with the body you can end the constant struggle of working against it, closing the gap between where you are now, where you want to be and where your potential lies.

Let’s get thriving!



I’ve had personal experience with: autoimmune, Grave’s disease, PCOS, amenorrhea, menstrual irregularity, root canals, health recovery post veganism, binge eating, weight gain, metabolic dysfunction, dyslipidemia, severe GI distress, brain fog, anxiety, depression, food sensitivities, autoimmune relapse, flare-ups.



You can find me @consciouscarnivore

1 review for Alma-Jade C

  1. Lesley Urquhart

    I had my Health Coaching session with Alma-Jade last night and she was BRILLIANT! I am a registered nurse and have been around the health industry for most of my life, Complimentary and Conservative. Alma is a truly dedicated health practitioner and advocate. Her knowledge and life experience make her the perfect Coach. My journey into body / mind healing started approx. 40 plus years ago, so I know a great practitioner when I meet one. Alma-Jade has many qualifications:- Bachelor degree in Global Nutrition and Health, with a specialization in Lifestyle and Health Education. She is currently completing a masters in Communication, Health and Life Sciences. (August 2020). She is a truly dedicated holistic practitioner. Alma-Jade is not only intelligent her care and compassion is outstanding and she radiates health. I wish her all the best in her future success. Lesley Urquhart

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