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Hello– I’m Mary Ann (45 yrs old) and I’m really excited about how the carnivore diet has changed my life. I’ve had personal experience with disordered eating and always yo-yo dieting. Improvements in my hunger and fullness cues and depression and anxiety have been life altering. Food freedom is possible eating nutrient dense animal food. It’s a privilege to speak to others that are struggling to dieting and mood issues so that they too can enjoy the many benefits of eating nutritionally dense animal foods. I look forward to talking with you.

I’m a Ph.D. chemist and enjoy exploring the science and research of diet and nutrition. I love exploring how to use this way of eating to finally intuitively eat to satiety and effortlessly maintaining a healthy weight. Let’s end chronic dieting and enjoy the best relationship with food yet.

Instagram: @meatbasedgal

5 reviews for Mary Ann K

  1. Lindsey Mayes

    Mary Ann changed my life!!!! She had me go on the carnivore diet, and it has cured many of my symptoms. From anxiety, depression, fatigue & much more. I am SO thankful for her coaching that I finally feel my very best. She helped me take back my life!! If you’re wondering on if you should have her as your coach, just go ahead and move forward I promise you won’t regret it.

  2. claire (verified owner)

    Mary Ann was wonderful. taking time, explaining things to me without any judgment. very nice. and so many good advices related to my case. She is great and I will continue having meeting with her to speak about my improvements because, I am sure, with her support, my improvement will be great

    she is The person to contact if you are having any question and you get messed up wit all the information on internet .

    again, she is wonderful

  3. Leigh (verified owner)

    Talking with and working with Mary Ann on my health has been a wonderful experience. She’s knowledgeable, understands the games we play in our heads with food, and is so encouraging. Being a chemist, she really breaks down the benefits of a carnivore diet in scientific terms and helps you understand why it’s so beneficial. She’s approachable, kind and very thoughtful in everything she advises. If you’re looking for an exceptional coach, reach out to Mary Ann!

  4. Luke Pancoe (verified owner)

    Just had my first call with Mary Ann, it went great! She’s extremely kind and informative. She did a great job of listening and understanding where I was at in my carnivore journey and gave me some great advice and helped me map at a plan for success. Can’t wait to keep working with her and see my results in the coming weeks. Thanks again!

  5. Lee Vallely (verified owner)

    Had my first call with Mary Ann and had the intention of getting someone to kick my butt and go all in. But instead I got great advice on how to create a weekly focus rather than the rest of my life. I learned a lot simply from a 30 minute call and highly recommend anyone to have Mary Ann as your coach on your journey 🙏🏽

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