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Michele F

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Hello, I’m Michele.

I am here to help you define and reach your goals.

I will listen to you and provide non-judgmental guidance and support.

I have personally experienced wonderful health improvements when I began a low-carbohydrate/Paleo (and then a meat-based Ketogenic) way of eating in 2013. Since progressing to strict Carnivory in Spring 2019, I experienced even greater and sustained health improvements.

I’ve been inspired hearing Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Georgia Ede, Amber O’Hearn, and many others great thinkers discuss the benefits of Carnivory on numerous Podcasts and in reading their books and articles, over the years.

Then, I was lucky (and thrilled) to meet each of them (and so many other inspirational people) at the first ever Boulder Carnivore Conference in 2019.  These experiences further shaped my understanding of health and species-appropriate nutrition.

As a Psychotherapist myself (with years of training and volunteering in Crisis & Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery), I am especially interested in how Carnivory improves and maintains our physical, mental, and emotional well-being to equip us to be our best in everyday life (and our most resilient during unexpected circumstances).

If you are wondering how to begin the Carnivore way of eating, or how to maintain this lifestyle even when away from home (such as when travelling for business, pleasure, or volunteer assignments), I am a Coach who can help you!

I’ve had personal experience with weight loss and have sustained recovery from SIBO, acid reflux, heartburn, GERD, histamine intolerance, upper respiratory infections, recurrent ear infections, sore throat, rash, headache, sinus pain, and joint pain since beginning the carnivore way of eating!

I want to hear your story and support you in your healing and in maintaining a strong, healthy body and mind.

Choose instant coaching with me to be heard, today!



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