Simon Knez


Besides being your carnivore diet coach, I’m also a software developer, High-Intensity Training specialist, a nutritional counselor, and an aspiring Cognitive scientist.

I have been involved in the fields of nutrition and exercise for the last 14 years now and it’s always satisfying and fulfilling to gain a new understanding of how our body works and reacts to different environmental and nutritional variables – I’m a bit of a nerd :).

It’s been 18 months since I switched to the carnivore diet (I was on a strict Keto diet for the previous 5 years).  Love it. And I’m sure you’ll love it too.

What I love about the carnivore diet is the simplicity of the meals, the little amount of time it requires to cook or prepare food in advance, the light, and non-exhausting feeling after the meals, and the tastiness of the food.

My main aim is to provide you a good enough understanding of the diet and give you guidance throughout the process. I will provide you with easy and fast to make meals, groceries shopping advice, as well as lifestyle habits, to improve your health as well as to free up your time. I also love the science of exercise, so we can discuss how to incorporate a productive approach in that regard as well.

I want you to reach your health goals, but I don’t want you to sacrifice too much of your time doing that.


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